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Like Coachella for the spiritually inclined
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Virtually turns the world into your own wellness playground
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Enough to make you feel like you really lived
Wanderlust Events are the places to see and be seen
If this doesn’t get you centred, nothing will
Think of the service as Netflix for yoga classes
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We are Wanderlust

Wanderlust was born in 2009 with a single mission: to lead our global community of seekers towards their personal true north. Across our breathtaking festivals, one day 108 events, and this online discovery channel for yoga, meditation, fitness and ideas, our experts will guide you on a path towards a healthy, conscious and inspired life.

Briohny Smyth beginner online vinyasa yoga course on Wanderlust TV

The path to true north begins here

With daily live classes, premium content filmed at stunning locations around the world, multi-day courses from the world's leading instructors, and preferred access to upcoming Wanderlust events, Wanderlust TV is not just a step forward—it's a leap down the path towards your best self.
Daily live classes in yoga, meditation & more
Practice anywhere, anytime & at your own pace
Access Wanderlust teachers from around the world
Unlimited on-demand classes & replays of live classes
Classes for every body & every level
Curated courses & multi-day online retreats
Affordable subscriptions with no surprise extra costs
Subscriber offers & early access to Wanderlust events
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What's on Wanderlust TV

Every adventurer needs a guide

Wanderlust created the first conscious living festival back in 2009, and the movement has since spread to more than 20 countries across five continents. With hundreds of past events, our community of expert guides includes the greatest teachers in yoga, meditation, fitness, and ideas.

Wanderlust TV brings these expert guides directly to you, wherever you may wander.
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Caley Alyssa advanced online vinyasa yoga course on Wanderlust TV
Matt Phippen kula flow and online vinyasa yoga classes on Wanderlust TV
Tracee Stanley meditation course and yoga Nidra classes on Wanderlust TV
Andrew Sealy yoga course on Wanderlust TV
Andrew Sealy
Briohny Smyth yoga course on Wanderlust TV
Briohny Smyth

We are all seekers. We step onto our mats to get lost in the inhales and exhales, to energize the body, settle the mind, push our limits, and uncover forgotten truths. And on this journey, we look to our teachers for knowledge, guidance, and inspiration. Who will guide you?

Chelsey Korus online yoga classes and yoga course on Wanderlust TV
Chelsey Korus
Caley Alyssa yoga course on WLTV
Caley Alyssa
Donovan Mcgrath Amplified yoga classes on WLTV
Donovan Mcgrath
Koya Webb breathwork meditation and yoga classes on WLTV
Koya Webb
Eoin Finn beginner online yoga course on Wanderlust TV
Eoin Finn
Julie Montagu on demand and live yoga classes on Wanderlust TV
Julie Montagu
Light Watkins meditation course on Wanderlust TV
Light Watkins
Mariel Witmond yoga class on Wanderlust TV
Mariel Witmond
Maude Hirst yoga and meditation class on Wanderlust TV
Maude Hirst
Noah Maze yoga course on Wanderlust TV
Noah Mazé
Mary Beth Larue yoga course on Wanderlust TV
Mary Beth Larue
Ravi Dixit yoga class on Wanderlust TV
Ravi Dixit
Richie Bostock The Breath Guy online breathwork class on Wanderlust WLTV
Richie Bostock
Rosie Acosta yoga classes on Wanderlust TV
Rosie Acosta
Ryan Leier yoga classes on Wanderlust WLTV
Ryan Leier
Schuyler Grant yoga course on Wanderlust WLTV
Schuyler Grant
Sah D'Simone online meditation class on Wanderlust TV
Sah D'Simone
Sarah Finger online yoga class on WLTV
Sarah Finger

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Take it from a seeker

Wanderlust was built to provide meaningful, communal experiences and it's our community that makes Wanderlust what it is today across our events and Wanderlust TV.
"Lifechanging! The commitment to daily practice has helped me heal and grow physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually."
"I feel challenged by the level of yoga and learn new positions. You can’t find the same challenge and quality from free YouTube videos."

"As someone that is greatly uncomfortable in crowds long before the pandemic started, Wanderlust TV is finally allowing me to experience a practice I've longed for."


"My favorite place to digitally do yoga. The teachers talk through poses really well and give great instruction for all levels."


"I think is the peace I found with the Vinyasa. The calm I can feel. I don't know, really. I feel home."


"It makes me still feel connected to the Wanderlust festivals. It's so easy to invite my friends over to share the experience!"

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