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December 10 - 19,  2021
With Gina CAputo & Mike Aidala
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The 10-Day Yoga Strong Challenge focuses on building strength, flexibility and quick recovery for all your winter wellness adventures. Presented in partnership with Ricola, we're delighted to have Coloradans Gina Caputo and Mike Aidala guide you on a free 10-day path that pairs vinyasa yoga classes with fitness and conditioning sessions. Give your body the training it needs to make the most of the winter season.

Everyone who registers for the 10-Day Yoga Strong Challenge will automatically be entered to win a getaway to join Gina at Winterlust, our new 3-day ski & yoga experience at Taos Ski Valley. One lucky winner will receive a package for two including lift tickets, gourmet meals, and luxurious lodging at The Blake hotel. Taking place January 7 - 9, 2022, Winterlust offers both relaxation and winter thrills. Sign up now!
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Strong energy in yoga is called virya, which shares a root with vira, or hero. With the peaceful warrior as your embodied inspiration, Mike and Gina have developed a course inspired by The Hero’s Journey that marries yoga asana with some introductory fitness moves.

New to fitness? Not a problem. So was Gina, before she reached out to Mike to design a program for her. “Having studied with Mike myself,” says Gina, “I know he creates regimens that don’t just complement your work on the mat, they’ll become integrated in your practice.”

Sign up is free, and the challenge starts December 10. Once you sign up, you’ll receive a daily email with the link to the day’s video. It's that simple!
Day 1 — DECEMBER 10
Call To Adventure
YOGA + FITNESS | Yoga Strong offers the Call To Adventure to explore another aspect of your being – the peaceful warrior. A short yoga warm up with Gina will prepare your body for the strength adventure that follows. At the end, we circle back to yoga for counterposes and breathwork.

Optional props: Shoes, mat, and band, towel or odd object
Day 2 — DECEMBER 11
Crossing The Threshold
FITNESS | A total body strength workout that focuses on upper body pushing and lower body pulling exercises. Deep abdominal work is used to create strength and stability through the midline.
Day 3 — DECEMBER 12
YOGA | When building strength in body and mind, making time for recovery is essential. Refresh has a slow, steady pace that supports your nervous system while giving your body the stretches it craves.
Day 4 — DECEMBER 13
Discover Your Truth
FITNESS | A total body strength training session that focuses on lower body pushing and upper body pulling exercises. Lean into your physical strength and find new creative ways push yourself.
Day 5 — DECEMBER 14
Owning The Quest
YOGA + FITNESS | At this stage of the journey, we’re invited to step more fully into our power and into possibility. A yoga warmup with Gina prepares us for further exploration of our perceived edges. After Mike unleashes the burn, we return to serenity in the form of grounded counterposes and hip openers.

Optional props: Shoes, Mat, Socks, Towel, Odd object
Day 6 — DECEMBER 15
YOGA | Simple flow gives way to Yin-inspired poses with longer holds giving ample time for both deep stretch and self-contemplation that leave you feeling like your energy stores have been refilled.
Day 7 — DECEMBER 16
Seizing The Sword
FITNESS | Take it up a notch with upper body pushing and lower body single leg work. Learn how to create balance while developing strength and stability throughout your midline and shoulders.
Day 8 — DECEMBER 17
YOGA | Active recovery supports your mobility and your mental agility in this wild and precious life. Water-element inspired flow soothes and gives way to some slower, deeper stretches that rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit.
Day 9 — DECEMBER 18
Rising Up
FITNESS | Rise up with your training and learn how to move your body in various planes and directions that build mobility, focus and strength. This class has a strong focus on lateral movements and dynamic core work.
Day 10 — DECEMBER 19
The Elixir
YOGA + FITNESS | The Elixir represents your triumph over a limited sense of self. In this last stage of the Challenge, Gina prepares you with a final evolution of your yoga warmup and Mike creates another opportunity to know your strongest self. Completion comes in the form of stretches that acknowledge your heroic efforts and a dedication of the merits of this Yoga Strong journey.

Optional props: Shoes, Step, Odd Object