Guided by Eoin Finn & Insiya Rasiwala-Finn
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About This Online Challenge
The Gentle Reset is a free online 10-day yoga and nutrition challenge designed to detoxify and reset the body while building strength and resilience. Yogic power duo Eoin Finn and Insiya Rasiwala-Finn offer up daily yoga classes, each accompanied by Insiya's clean, plant-based breakfast recipe. Over the course of ten days, you’ll incorporate these gentle practices into your daily routine, setting your body and mind up for success.
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Day 1
Calling in Calm
This practice is slow enough to let beginners develop a foundation. The tempo is also great for advanced practitioners to melt mindfully into each pose. Enjoy a perfect combo of standing and seated poses, as well as centering breathing practices to help you call in calm.
Day 2
Clearing Space
This moderately-paced practice helps us to make space in our bodies, minds and hearts for what we want to create in our life. We must declutter the "house" of the self before we can invite new energy in. With forward folds, standing flows and synchronizing breath to movement, emerge feeling spacious, calm and ready for your day.
Day 3
The Bliss Reset
This slow and steady practice is mindful and moderately challenging, and includes a tutorial on breath to bring us back to embodied peace. It features Chi breathing, fluid sun salutation sea warm ups, standing poses and soothing hip openers. We end with a centered meditation to let go of what stresses us and tune into what blesses us.
Day 4
Trust is a Must
What happens when we learn how to trust in ourselves and listen to our internal compass? Too often, we get caught up in the whirlwind of life and begin to feel that are not moving on our path. This enlivening and integrating practice will help you to connect, listen and believe in yourself. Expect standing flows, twists and heart openers.
Day 5
Yoga for a Polarized World
Two things are certain in our modern era: the world is becoming more polarized, and yoga practice is one of the best tools we have to help navigate this challenge. This deep and mindful practice of standing balancing poses, twists and deep stretches will help you move frustration out of your body and restore our inner tether of peace.
Day 6
Nourished Body, Centered Mind
Ayurveda says that everything is food—not just the meals we eat, but all sensory information. Today's practice slows everything down so we can distill what we take in from the outer world, and allow what we do to nourish us. Expect long releasing holds, forward folds, and postures to open the hips to bring you to a quiet, centered space.
Day 7
Release and Receive
This practice starts in a slow and gentle way to create harmony amongst body, mind and nature. We'll create some heat with our standing poses, and use deep floor stretches to shift the body and mind into a space where we can receive life's deepest blessings. You will emerge feeling awake, calm and grateful.
Day 8
Flow into Bliss
The premise of this practice is that when our bodies move with fluidity, our minds likewise move into a state of flow. Enjoy a moderately-paced, intelligently sequenced Blissology Flow class to open up your joy body.
Day 9
Devotion in Motion
In these times, it's more challenging than ever to embody the single-pointed devotion required to deepen and master anything. This practice is vibrant and joyful, yet helps you to connect to the discipline of your inner fire. With heart openers and flowing vinyasas, you'll have the opportunity to tune in to more synchronicity with life.
Day 10
Love More Now
Love is without doubt the greatest gift of the universe, yet modern culture suggests it's normal to only partially step into the power of our deepest heart. Today's fluid practice is slightly more challenging to help release tension so that love and kindness can flow more freely, and ends with a meditation to balance the heart chakra.
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